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HAVE TO SHARE THIS 5 years 9 months ago #284

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Hi folks so wonderful to be seeing the word spread globally. Can I just mention I was faced with very unexpected bad news which knocked me for a six. I was for the want of a better word blown over by it, hurt, tearful and trying to sense of things just wouldn't work for me. As I work in a PICU I had the advantage of my ward manager who was truly amazing and inspiring and her deputy helping during this very difficult time. They were kind, caring, listened to me and believe me I rambled, I needed to talk get it off my chest. I was hurt, I was dying inside. They offered hope, they instilled it and more importantly they showed me empathy. It was wonderful. I needed to share this because its easy employing an intervention however when the situation is turned around and your suddenly faced with bad news you can understand and appreciate how this really works. Thank you guys, thank you safewards.
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