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TOPIC: Example of our intervention

Example of our intervention 6 years 4 months ago #119

A patient had been given bad news during ward review. As a team prior to the ward review we discussed the case as we were aware that the service user was hoping for increased leave but that as a nursing team we still felt that this was inappropriate given her current presentation and so this is what staff were going to recommend to the MDT. All team members were aware of this and when speaking with the patient were careful not to make 'false promises' or agree with her that she would get leave.

Coming back onto the ward the service user was angry and so staff made sure that they had their room was open even though it was structured day so that she could have some time and space to herself. She slammed her door and was overheard shouting in her bedspace. Staff were mindful of 'giving her space' but also making sure that she knew they were there for her to talk to so after around 5 minutes staff gently knocked on the door and offered her a cup of tea. After around half an hour and staff consistently going back to her when they said they would to offer support she sat and spoke to staff about the decision.

Afterwards this was handed over to the team and there was a discussion about how we could support this patient over the forthcoming days - this means being creative and flexible with ward structure and in this instance with visiting times so that she could see family and friends on the ward. One of the members of staff changed their working time so that they could take the patient out as well. Afterwards even though the patient still felt that the decision was unfair she was was able to reflect on it with staff and staff spent time with her doing a weekly activity planner for the week ahead in order to help her distract herself from her thoughts.
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