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This is an interesting topic for me because I have spoken at so many 'launch events' and I have never been quite clear how necessary they were or how necessary my presence was, or, in fact, who was the prime audience I was being fielded to speak to (clinicians, managers or psychiatrists), or whether Safewards was even the main interest or purpose of the event.

I'd be interested to hear from those who have started Safewards without a contribution from Geoff or myself. How did you get things started?

I know some have developed training schemes/events of some sort. I have always said training is not necessary, and/or that doing the interventions is the training. But maybe the main purpose of these training events is to launch Safewards, generate the energy and commitment to get things moving.

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Thanks Geoff,

I will pass on your regards to Mark. He was doing the CNS job, before becoming a Nurse Practitioner!

One of the questions I was thinking about was: What if you only ever implemented 3 interventions? How much of a 'package' are the 10 interventions? Will there be a Safewards Lite? How robust is the model in the face of this dilution?

I'm not suggesting that any of the above is a good strategy and that it would be useful for a ward to have the full toolkit to work with.

I am interested in the idea of developing 'relational containment', rather than physical or structural containment. My background has mainly been in therapeutic communities (Henderson etc) where this was always a major focus.

Steve Paddock
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Hi Steve
Thanks for the question, definitely a grass roots approach from the ward staff, with management and executive management pro actively supporting the model. This has engaged and re energised our nursing staff, who are now coming up with some fantastic ideas on service improvement within the inpatient setting, role modelling behaviours, setting standards and expectations of care for anyone who comes to work on the inpatient unit.
I think it is really important to find a Clinical Champion within each Inpatient Unit who can help drive the implementation and keep it sustainable.
Has anyone said No, not at the moment but I am sure it will happen, especially with some of the more challenging interventions.
Kind Regards
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