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Measuring change

7 years 8 months ago #644 by Sim
Measuring change was created by Sim
I'm looking for a tool to try and measure the staff attitudes or ward environment pre and post implementation of Safewards into PICU. We have a very short average length of stay (about 4 days) so this has an impact on the type of tools that would be appropriate.
I've looked at:
- the original ward atmosphere scale: too long, too old, and many measures not appropriate for our environment.
- EssenCES: used only in forensic and prison environments and some measures (patient community) probably not that amenable to change in our environment with length of stay.
- MAVAS: I thought I had is sussed when I found this but have recently read reviews that state it is not that sensitive to measuring change
- I'm sure I've looked at others a while ago but can't think of them now.

I would most like to measure changes in the attitudes and therefore satisfaction with work and changes in behaviour (hopefully) in the staff team. Any ideas would be gratefully received.
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