Soft Words implementation advice - webinar

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Follow this webinar for some excellent suggestions on how best to use Soft Words
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9 years 5 months ago #307 by P Veitch
Thanks Len et al. I was pleased to listen to this conversation and hear you reflect on your experiences. I was thinking throughout that overt hostility to SW might be helpful. It would create a discussion which would be open to argument. More underhand or hidden resistance may undermine other safewards interventions.
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Hi Paul,

A good thought, although on thinking about the issue now, I'd probably not want to use the word resistance, as it somehow blames or castigates the person who is reluctant. Reluctance can be a good thing. Often it's wise to spend a little time assessing things, to exercise critical thought, and be a bit cautious, conserving your energy. Those are good things, too, yes?
I met a nurse recently who was dubious about Safewards. Despite withholding final judgement, he was championing the Discharge Messages intervention, and doing so well. I was struck by his integrity and critical openness.

9 years 5 months ago #309 by P Veitch
I was thinking that being resistant (or reluctant) does just that, it brings the subject into the open. A discussion about SW on the ward is then one that team members can join in, debate and think about. The papers used in the literature review can be considered etc. We do need careful consideration and not blind adoption.
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